About Us

RUVALABS- Introduction January 2017

Ruvalabs (PTY) ltd is a Plant Biotechnology Company situated in Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa
We operate a large modern ‘In Vitro’ plant tissue culture laboratory designed, custom built and equipped for large scale commercial tissue culture propagation.

Our ‘In Vivo’ young plant facility includes specialised acclimatisation chambers within a climate controlled building. Careful management of humidity, temperature and light creates a perfect environment for transplant into trays and hardening within our controlled environment greenhouses.

The Ruvalabs facility is approved by the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries as a Post Entry Quarantine Station (Pest Control Act No 36 of 1983 and International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures). This authorisation facilitates mass imports of in vitro plant material.

Fruit Rootstock plant propagation is at the core of our business for supply to the South African pome and stone deciduous fruit industry…in addition we have experience in our own initiations, grape embryo rescue and international ornamental plant exports.

We are also approved by the South African Potato Certification Scheme as a multi crop maintenance and propagation facility for in vitro plantlets and we have our own gene bank for over 120 potato varieties.

Efficient reliable production is dependent on skilled people and quality clean plant material stocks…Ruvalabs has invested heavily in both.

Ruvalabs comprises 3 core production units…