Nursery tunnel production

Ruvalabs has individual tunnel units controlled through single entry virus net double doors.

These tunnels are cooled through virus net enclosed ‘wet walls’ and fans to ensure clean air changes and insect control.

Plant trays are hardened over a period of 6- 8 weeks until suitable for transfer to standard nursery conditions in preparation for grafting and field planting.


• Plastic moulded trays 104 and 84 hole cavities
• ‘jiffy’ ® 40 or 60 cavity tray inserts
• 1 litre plastic plant bags (ideal for grafting)

Last season we sold over 1m hardened ex t/c plants.

Popular Rootstocks include

• Apple- M7, M9, M109, Geneva series
• Cherries- Maxma and Victor
• Peaches- GF677, Cadaman
• Grapes- SO4, Paulsen, 140 Rugggeri, Richter